Wind Energy Link

In control of wind assets!

Wind Energy Link B.V. (Welink) develops and provides asset management services and systems for the wind energy industry.

The overall aim is to:

  • Increase owners’ wind portfolio value
  • Reduce project and portfolio risk during the asset life time
  • Reduce dependency on vendors and long term contract partners
  • Reduce O&M related costs

The capital intensive wind industry must achieve an overall cost reduction and become a predictable and stable investment opportunity for the long run. We are convinced that the WeLink system and approach will contribute to these demands. We link what’s necessary.
Welink considers alignment of technical, financial and organizational aspects a prerequisite for solid, long term, or life time, asset management. In order to do so integration of operational, management and shareholders activities is required. Such an alignment and integration provides firm control and insight in the status, performance and developments of assets and costs and performance of contract partners. A direct result is a significant reduction of (internal) costs and project risks.
WeLink provides the required products, a dedicated tool, and information and management services to get maximum grip, control and insight on the companies or operator assets. All products are based on standards, proven (sub)systems and academic validated approaches. Interfaces are always possible, even an easy transfer of all data and information generated by the Welink system. Avoiding a vendor lock-in at all aspects is essential for risk management.

The WeLink system is constructed in line with all required aspects of PAS 55 and ISO 55.000. This provides the possibility to realize a standardized organisational quality norm on asset management on a company, portfolio or project level.


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